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First off, thank you for coming to check out my site. Not many do. As you can see I have no advertisements here and it will always stay that way. If you want to help out consider donating at the bottom of the page.

These days it is becoming harder to find high quality Kung Fu movies on the web. A lot of movies are being uploaded to YouTube leaving no reason for people to seed torrents. If you would like to donate high quality old school kung fu films or have a source for them, please send me a message on this page. 

The Lost Episode:

KRS-One – Sound of Da Police – Ready or Not Remix

Why am I asking for donations?

Because I use copyrighted material to make these videos, I am not allowed to monetize them on youtube. This is purely a pleasure project for me and I love doing it. That being said, if you really do enjoy my work, consider throwing me a couple bits. It would mean a lot to me and help me continue to host this site and encourage me to make more videos.

Why do I only take crypto donations?

Using paypal would land me in trouble. They would quickly shut down my paypal account because I am hosting copyrighted material on this site. Despite how I feel, they see this as piracy. I see it as art, but try explaining that to anyone wearing a suit.


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