Let’s talk about being grateful. I am grateful for a lot of things in this life. I’m grateful for my friends and those I consider family. I’m grateful for having the best fans on Youtube. I am grateful for you reading this right now.

I value the people in my life more than any material thing this universe can provide. When people come into my life, I tend to be too generous, honest to the point of recklessness. This is a personality flaw I have been trying to work on.  And too many times people have taken advantage of my generosity. Learn who your real friends are.

I hope all you good people out there are surrounded by loving friends and family. Don’t be afraid to cut people out of your life. But more importantly, make sure you take a hard look at your own actions and be sure you aren’t that person. It’s easy to be a consumer of love and energy, just make sure you put back in what you take out.

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